Get Involved

Shooting Roots is an organisation run by and for young people, offering creative and participatory folk workshops at festivals and other events. In a nutshell it’s all about generating opportunities for young people to perform, develop friendships and access the folk arts.

We aim to do this through a three pronged attack.

Festival projects

What’s a festival with Shooting Roots like? In the summer of 2016, we asked the young people of Sidmouth Folk Week to document the festival from their point of view. Watch our video to find out!

Tutor training

We are run entirely by volunteers, who think Shooting Roots is so great they’re prepared to give up their free time to make it happen. It’s fun and there’s nothing quite as good as making something amazing.

Grass roots projects / online community

Shooting Roots is a fab place to meet people and make new friends, whether you’re exploring folk for the first time or an old hand who’s hoping to scale the peaks.